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Git allows you to commit even when there are files in unmerged state, when i use

git commit -a -m "message"

I know is it valid but is there any way to stop the user from using commit -a option after merge

Thanks Ankita Nema

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I would start at the root of the problem and examine why there are unstaged changes when you do a merge.

As a rule of thumb, either stash away your changes before doing a pull, or commit them so that your repository is clean for the incoming merge.


Suppose you are working on something and don't want to commit right now since you aren't done. But you need to merge something in that's important to your task.

git stash save "description"
git pull
# merge everything and commit merge changes
git stash pop   #brings back all your changes from before

Git will then re-apply everything you saved with git stash save and you are ontop of a merged repository with your uncommitted changes.

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You can use a "pre-commit" hook.

In your ".git/hooks" directory, create an executable file called pre-commit.

This program is triggered each time a commit is done on your repository : if the return code is not 0, the commit is aborted.

In this program, you can check the files to be commited for the "<<<<<<<…" chain. If you find it, it is a clue that there are still unmerge files: so you refuse the commit (with an explicit error message).

You will find in the ".git/hooks" directory a "pre-commit.sample" file showing you how pre-commit works. You will just have to adapt it (a simple "grep" should be fine).

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