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I have a property that is set to 1 if the database feature is being installed:

<Property Id="DBFLAG" Value="0" />
<CustomAction Id="DbCheck" Return="check" Execute="immediate" Property="DBFLAG" Value="1" />
        <Custom Action="DbCheck" After="CostFinalize"><![CDATA[&ft_db=3]]></Custom>

In another feature I check this DBFLAG to see if it is 0 or 1 and based upon this I want to start a service immediately or not:

<Component Id="cmp_Svc" Guid="99481212-F2E0-4B6E-934D-0994815C31ED">
            <File Id="FILE01" Source="$(var.Service.TargetDir)\Service.exe" KeyPath="yes" />

            <ServiceInstall Id="Svc" Name="My Service" Type="ownProcess" Account="[WIX_ACCOUNT_LOCALSYSTEM]" Description="My Service." DisplayName="My Service" ErrorControl="normal" Interactive="no" Start="auto" Vital="no" />
<Component Id="cmp_SvcC_Start" Guid="2ED5DBC7-BD42-4D46-AB18-E82DB0E317AD">
            <ServiceControl Id="SvcC_Start" Name="My Service"  Remove="uninstall" Stop="both" Wait="yes" Start="install" />

<Component Id="cmp_SvcC" Guid="5769A35B-FD61-45D4-8113-40FB762B79C6">
            <ServiceControl Id="SvcC" Name="My Service"  Remove="uninstall" Stop="both" Wait="yes" />

However, it always runs the cmp_SvcC instead of the cmp_SvcC_Start service if the database feature is installed. I have checked the logs and can see that the DBFLAG is set to 1 before the cmp_SvcC and cmp_SvcC_Start are run but still the cmp_SvcC is run even though the condition is only when DBFLAG=0.

If I change the initial value of the DBFLAG to 1 then the cmp_SvcC_Start gets run.

Has anyone any idea as to why this is happening?

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It doesn't work this way. You cannot condition a component with a feature action, even if your are doing it indirectly through a property.

The correct approach is to share your component between all features which affect its installation. This is done through FeatureComponents table.

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Can you expand on this a bit? I'm new to wix and am not quite sure what you mean. Do I add <ComponentRef> for the cmp_SvcC and cmp_SvcC_Start to the db feature? – knappster Jun 22 '11 at 17:21
WiX doesn't support editing FeatureComponents table. A solution is to modify the generated MSI manually with Orca: . Another solution is to find a setup authoring tool which allows you to modify this table. – mrnx Jun 22 '11 at 18:27
Cheers, after knowing this I've had to start them from code now as the build process needs to be automated and can't go editing the msi afterwards... – knappster Jun 23 '11 at 10:26
@Cosmin, that's not true: WiX supports the FeatureComponents table with Component/ComponentRef/ComponentGroupRef under Feature/FeatureRef. @knappster, see… and for why your original technique won't work. – Bob Arnson Jun 23 '11 at 14:57
Didn't know this. Thanx. – mrnx Jun 23 '11 at 21:18

Another way to do is have a condition on the StartServices custom action itself. Like this:

<StartServices Sequence="5900">
    <![CDATA[VersionNT AND DBFLAG="1"]]>

In order to get a clue what Sequence number you want to use, open your msi with Orca, look at the InstallExecuteSequence table and sort the table after Sequence number.

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