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I have seen many related question, but none of them is exactly my problem.

General question: where exactly is specified how the things get escaped in Hibernate, in particular for Grails GORM?

Particular problem:

I want to execute this:

"WHERE extractValue(field, '//value[@my_attribute=\""+localeStr+"\"]')"

You can notice, the localeStr is not escaped, and included in another string of string. How can I escape this, if possible with a parameter (something like :parameter)?


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Here, I believe, in "bind parameters" section. Plus general Groovy escaping.

Though, sorry, it's not clear - escape what? Do you need localeStr to contain a parameter, or opposite, to sanitize out any possible parameter?

Removing ":" and "?" should do, as for me. Though, it's a bad idea to concatenate an untrusted String directly into a query anyway.

The best approach to sanitize a String parameter is to, er, pass it as a parameter:

   "WHERE extractValue(field, '//value[@my_attribute=:attrValue]',
   [attrValue: localeStr])")

See findAll() doc.

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You are right, localeStr has to be passed as parameter. But not that way... somehow else. Because :attrValue will be replaced with something like 'my string', and in that context, it will become: "extractValue(field, '//value[@my_attribute='my string']'" And how you can see, the '' are not the right escaping characters. –  icvg Jun 24 '11 at 12:51
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