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I want to develop a script which checks whether string is matching with any string or not? I have table containing bulk data of rows.

recordId firstName lastName
    1       jhon      bagman
    2       kerio     control
    3       michele    levis
    4       roger       federrer

I had a bunch of strings as below


I want to find matching records from database anyhow by mysql-query or php-code. Kerio must match kerio micehle must match michele roget must match roger jon must match jhon

Means I want to search for matching string even though it contains typing errors as shown above.

I want this solution by any logic, means by running a mysql query or by executing any "php code" on all rows.

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A good, but slow/computational expensive method, is the Levenshtein Distance. It lets you specify exactly how mangled a word has to be before it's not considered a match. MySQL doesn't support this directly, however, so you'd have to implement it in PHP.

A quick/dirty method directly in MySQL is to compare the SOUNDEX() values. It's quick, but also far less reliable:

FROM table
WHERE SOUNDEX('kerio') IN (SOUNDEX(firstName), (SOUNDEX(lastName))
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Ok, Thanks Marc, I am going to implement by using SOUNDEX() function. will let you know exact it worked for me or not? – Maulik Vora Jun 23 '11 at 5:44

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