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I maintain several subversion development branches on my development pc and build box.

How do you guys deal with opening a solution on one branch and having IIS get configured to that location. Then opening the same solution / project in a different branch / location and get "IIS Url Already Mapped to Different Location" ?

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  1. I added localhost.branch to my host file
  2. In IIS I created a new website mapped to host header localhost.branch.
  3. I searched and replaced <IISUrl>http://localhost/myapp</IISUrl&gt; with <IISUrl>http://localhost.branch/myapp</IISUrl&gt; in all my csproj files in the branch.
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Easy way, delete the file from the connections in the iis. Go back to visual studio and reload the file. Again, it will ask to create a virtual directory, press ok.

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