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My target is to write groovy scripts under Linux 5.1

So first I install groovy and other as the following:

  1. First I installed java /home/jdk1.6.0_12
  2. Second I download groovy-1.8.0 and perform unzip under /usr/share
  3. Third I download apache-ant-1.8.2 and perform unzip under /usr/share

So I get the following under /usr/share directory


My question is what the next steps that I need to do? In order to set groovy environment and begin run groovy scripts ? Please advice also about simple groovy script for example


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add the following environment variables

export JAVA_HOME=/home/jdk1.6.0_12
export GROOVY_HOME=/usr/share/groovy-1.8.0

to test if everything is working create a file 'Foo.groovy` containing this text:

println 'it works'

and execute the command groovy Foo.groovy. If this prints 'it works', then you're good to go.

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You may want to check whether their is a Groovy package available in your distribution's package repository. I know there are binary packages for Debian and Ubuntu, as well as a source package in the ArchLinux AUR. Using your distribution's package manager is generally the easiest way to install things. It will also make it easier to uninstall it later.

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verify the groovy version set in your linux box
    [root@anish ~]# set | grep -i groovy

println 'it works'
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Use GVM to install groovy. Easier to install, update and maintain for long term. http://gvmtool.net/

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