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Hi all i want extract the last part from string which is a four digit number '03276' i:e

how can i do that.

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You can also use

NSString *sub = [@"" lastPathComponent];
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Finally a useful string function! –  Burf2000 Oct 8 '12 at 14:04
hi @Pierre, why did you used 'lastPathComponent'? What it means? –  Adela Jul 28 at 14:50
@Adela i used it, because it is a method of NSString that does exactly what was asked. And, of course, it is easier to use method the API provides than to write your own logic. and means exactly what the name says. It return you the last component of a path. Have a look at… for some examples of strings and the return value. –  Pierre Jul 29 at 17:05
Thanks for answer @Pierre . –  Adela Jul 30 at 12:07

If you know how many characters you need, you can do something like this:

NSString *string = @"";
NSString *subString = [string substringFromIndex:[string length] - 5];

If you just know that it's the part after the last slash, you can do this:

NSString *string = @"";
NSString *subString = [[string componentsSeparatedByString:@"/"] lastObject];
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Since *nix uses the same path separators as URL's this will be valid as well.

[@"" lastPathComponent]
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If you know the length of the number, and it's not gonna change, it can be as easy as:

NSString *result = [string substringFromIndex:[string length] - 4];
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If the last part of the string is always the same length (5 characters) you could use this method to extract the last part:

- (NSString *)substringFromIndex:(NSUInteger)anIndex

Use the length of the string to determine the start index.

Something like this:

NSString *inputStr = @"";
NSString *newStr = [inputStr substringFromIndex:[inputStr length]-5];
NSLog(@"These are the last five characters of the string: %@", newStr);

(Code not tested)

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NSString *str = @"";  
NSArray *arr = [str componentSeparatedBy:@"gig/"];  
NSString *strSubStringDigNum = [arr objectAtIndex:1];  

strSubStringDigNum will have the value 03276

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Try this:

NSString *myUrl = @"";

NSString *number = [[myUrl componentsSeparatedByString:@"/"] objectAtIndex: 5];
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By using objectAtIndex:5 you are making sure it works ONLY in that specific address, if the address changes to something like, it breaks it. –  EmilioPelaez Jun 22 '11 at 13:03

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