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I want to do something like(it's valid)

var myArray [9][3]int

but when I do

var myArray [someIntVariable][anotherOne]int

It can't be used(I know why, so I'm not asking this.) But is there any alternative to make this work?

Sorry for my bad English.

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Does the following work for you?

func make2dArray(m, n int) [][]int { 
   myArray := make([][]int, m) 
   for i := range myArray { 
      myArray[i] = make([]int, n) 
   return myArray 

var myArray := make2dArray(someIntVariable, anotherOne)
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"array" types in Go include the length as part of the type, so they are only good for things where the length is fixed at compile time (similar to "arrays" in C before C99). If you want "arrays" whose length is determined only at runtime (e.g. arrays in Java), what you really want is a "slice". mepcotterell's answer shows you how to create a slice of slices.

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You can also be interested in a generic matrix package:


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