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Let say I have 2 controls in a usercontrol :

One (controlA) that have a fixed height and need to be dock in the bottom and an other (controlB) in the top that must fill the leaving space.

If I use bottom dock for controlA and fill dock for controlB it's doesn't work because controlA goes over controlB ...

How can I do this correctly, I'm pretty new to the docking thing ...

I use .Net 3.5 c#

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It depends on the order in which you add the controls. Whichever order you're currently adding them in, reverse it :) Right-click on the covered up control and select "Bring to Front" in the designer.

This article covers the problem in a bit more detail.

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My problem was is fact the anchor and not the dock, thx! – Melursus Mar 13 '09 at 18:56

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