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I have tried adding "--clear_datastore" flag but it still doesn't work. Does it have something to do with my OS? My OS is Windows 7 and I'm using Python 2.5 .

App Engine DSK release: "1.5.1"

Error Reports:

2011-06-22 21:16:55 Running command: "['C:\\Python25\\pythonw.exe', 'C:\\Program Files\\Google\\google_appengine\\dev_appserver.py', '--admin_console_server=', '--port=8080', 'D:\\ChemicalWiki\\ChemData']"
INFO     2011-06-22 13:17:21,029 rdbms_sqlite.py:58] Connecting to SQLite database '' with file 'c:\\users\\\xc1\xd6\xd7\xe6\xd4\xf6\\appdata\\local\\temp\\dev_appserver.rdbms'
ERROR    2011-06-22 13:17:21,036 dev_appserver_main.py:623] <class 'sqlite3.OperationalError'>: unable to open database file
2011-06-22 21:17:21 (Process exited with code 1)
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It may be because you have unicode characters in your username or maybe it just can't get your username for some reason (c:\users\ \xc1\xd6\xd7\xe6\xd4\xf6 \appdata\local\temp\dev_appserver.rdbms). Try running app engine launcher with the admin flag or if it had been working previously, just delete the database file.

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