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I just recently learn Java and try to communicate to the device through USB port connection. I've have used C# with OpenNETCF which allows me to send file and retrieve file on the device through USB port; how can I achieve this with java?

I seearch on stackoverflow thread,, the comment made by christoffer is to hack the native code, but I don't quite which native code api that he referred to. RAPI, maybe?

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The only USB API I could find for Windows is here. Seems as if it has limited functionality, but it might suit your needs. A more complete UNIX API is also available.

ETA: Found a link to the official Java USB implementation, but looks like the windows version is still in alpha.

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that's awesome!,, thank you. – Bopha Mar 13 '09 at 20:08
The above link to is dead. However I found these two: javax.usb (This seems to be the official one) and javax-usb-libusb1 – dualed Jan 29 '13 at 16:57

The native code API I referred to was the Windows DDK, i.e. the Driver Development Kit. The modern version seem to be called Windows Driver Kit, so google for Windows WDK :) There should be a few C samples on how to communicate with USB devices, and it should be pretty straightforward to write a JNI wrapper from those.

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As a quick thought, you could use JNI, the Java Native Interface. I've never used it myself though.

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I found this page that explains how to perform a communication between a microcontroller and a java application:

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The Best way I found to communicate with USB is through RxTx library.

You can find an example of the usage here:

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