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Select * from some_table where email = something.

How to ignore case of email and something?

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Thank you for your guys' help. I use native sql as my solution. –  David Jun 30 '11 at 14:24
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Depending on the table you are selecting from, you may be lucky in that SAP is storing the same value in a related matchcode field, in which the value would always be upper case.

Otherwise, you may find something in the documentation of the underlying DB that allows such a search, in which case you may issue a native SELECT.

For example, if your SAP system uses Oracle as the underlying DB, you can refer to this article: http://www.dba-oracle.com/oracle_news/2005_5_20_great_technique_case_sensitive_text_searching.htm

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You can't. Open SQL does not support case insensitive conditions.

You can either do what mydoghasworms suggested or you filter your results using regex after data selection.

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OpenSQL can't do this - like the others mentioned alreay in earlier statements.

But there is one alternative: Native SQL, the "upper" function, means:

translate compare_value to upper case.

exec sql performing addX.
  select * FROM  INTO :workarea
   where upper("choose_column") eq :compare_value

form addX.
  append workarea to itab.
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