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I have just start to build apps with iOS4 and I have a couple of questions. Any help will be appreciated.

I would like to build an applications like this, first one on the page (Angelica Agurbash)


Its free, check it, it has some nice music inside

By the size of application I can decide that this one holds most of the data inside it, but I would like my application to get data from the server and be able on the appstore( web app is not good in this case)

My questions is

Which way it will be better to build this application: to make it based on multiple object-views(uiimageview, label, etc) for each tab or make some tabs a browser-view-object that gets data and styles from the server? (look at third tab - photo, when I look on the net how to implement it, it make me think of million cups of coffee =P) But what I need - to build application like this in the right and all-the-apple-requirements-way

if its a web-view-based app

As I know there is documents directory in sandbox where I can keep my app files. Will it be possible to load all the data from the server at first run and make some check file? app will read this file and compare to the server file each run, and if the server file is newer, get some additional data. also it still will show data in web-view tab, but get is from the documents directory.

Im not sure that this question is correct, or my be it ridiculous, but I still need help from you! ^__^ also sorry for my English, its not my native language

have a nice day, friends!

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AFAIK apple rejects apps that just load and display html content in web views (they say you should build HTML(5)-Apps instead). In the WWDC 2010 session videos, apple explains basic concepts on how to do the things you want. The session is called "Building a Server-driven User Experience" –  Martin Ullrich Jun 22 '11 at 17:06
thank you very much, Martin! will check right now. But I think to use a web-browser view just for a photo tab. –  umka-dee Jun 22 '11 at 17:15

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