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I currently have a URL that looks like this for a particular resource:


I want it to look like this:


Is there a way to change versions/:version_id to v:version_id?

Here's what my routes for those resources currently look like:

  map.resources :tests do |test|
    test.resources :versions, :path_prefix => '/tests/:test_id' do |version|
      version.section '/:section', :controller => "versions", :action => 'show', :requirements => { :section => /...blah.../ }

I've omitted anything irrelevant, so apologies if I've broken anything.

I'm using Rails 2.3.11

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  • make the v8 be interpreted as :version_id

  • add a constraint to the param, basically matching the following regexp: \Av(\d*)\z

  • extract the id using the regexp inside the controller

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I did this, then overrode version#to_param. I also had to gsub away the 'v' in the controller's before_filter. Seems to be working perfectly, thanks! – Matthew Brindley Jun 22 '11 at 20:26

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