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I am trying to understand some Java code but don't know what the following things return:



httpClient.execute(httpget) where:
HttpGet httpget = new HttpGet(url)
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The HttpGet, HttpPut, HttpPost, and HttpDelete encapsulate an HTTP request for GET, PUT, POST, or DELETE respectively. They don't actually execute the request, they allow you the developer to set up for one. You can do stuff like addHeader to the request and basically prepare for the execution of the request.

The execution of the request is handled by the httpClient.execute( HttpUriRequest httpUriReq ) to which you pass the HttpGet, HttpPut, etc that you already set up. It is this call that actually exectues the request returning the respoonse encapsulated in an HttpResponse object which you application can then interrogate for stuff like, what headers came back, what the status code was, etc.

Read the tutorial and it will become clear how this all works.

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