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Getting started with Django 1.3.1 and Upon running

python syncdb

with Python 2.6. I keep getting an error loading mysqldb module: No module named mysqldb message. I have tried doing sudo yum install python-mysql and sudo yum install python-mysqldb

on a CentOS 5 system but I get a "no package found" message and the error persists in django.

What's the fix for this? I would like to keep the Python version as 2.6 to preserve other dependencies so reinstalling 2.5 or something is out of the question.


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There's no point using the system packaging tools if you're using a different Python version to the one provided by the system. You'll have to use the Python packaging tools instead - eg easy_install mysqldb.

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easy_install doesn't work...but marked as answer because of caveat about using system packaging tools. – algorithmicCoder Jun 22 '11 at 20:58

If you are just getting started with Django you should really take a look at virtualenv and pip.

This article gives a good overview:

You can even specify the python version for your virtual python environments.

And last but not least a good guide on how to get mysql running with virtualenv:

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