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Python 2.4 was the default on my CentOS5 system. I now have Python 2.6 running and I am trying to do an easy_install.

I installed the setuptools egg file for Python 2.6. py26 is on username.sitename.com while python 2.4 is installed system wide so I currently just get a permission denied error when i run

easy_install mysqldb

because it is trying to modify the 2.4 installation.

How do I get this to work with Python 2.6 in my subdomain?

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You can also force Python interpreter to run easy_install.

 python2.6 /usr/bin/easy_install foobar

You can also try to break your system by upgrading easy_install version itself (old versions of easy_install a.k.a setuptools are bug ridden)

 python2.6 /usr/bin/easy_install -U setuptools

Note that each easy_install hosts different data for each Python interpreter

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Actually easy_install has the option of specifying the Python version to use a la:


So in this case I just do easy_install-2.6

Should have looked it up more closely before posting!

using easy-install

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It sounds like this might be a good use-case for virtualenv, which lets you easily manage switching between and isolating multiple Python environments. Use the --python switch to specify the path to your desired python version, e.g.:

$ virtualenv --python /path/to/python2.6 env_name
$ source env_name/bin/activate
(env_name)$ which python
(env_name)$ which easy_install
(env_name)$ deactivate
$ which python
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