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I would like to format(truncate/append with chars) a string to a specified length while printing in Perl.

For example


should print


also if


I should get


Is there any way to print last four characters ?


and if string is


it should print

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Have you tried Perl's builtin printf and sprintf? –  Platinum Azure Jun 22 '11 at 20:01
I've never thought of using %s for string trunctation and padding. I'd have used a regex and substr and a bunch of math. +1 for you. –  Len Jaffe Jun 22 '11 at 20:38

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You want to do this format string instead of yours:

printf ("%04.4s", $string);

You need the .4 because this specifies maximum length. (The 4 at the beginning specifies a minimum only)

here are the output of some tests:

$ perl -e "my \$string = \"my_string\";print sprintf(\"%04.4s\", 22);"
$ perl -e "my \$string = \"my_string\";print sprintf(\"%04.4s\", \$string);"
$ perl -e "my \$string = \"my\";print sprintf(\"%04s\", \$string);"

Here is the output using the wrong format string. As you can see strings are not truncated.

$ perl -e "my \$string = \"my_string\";print sprintf(\"%04s\", 22);"
$ perl -e "my \$string = \"my_string\";print sprintf(\"%04s\", \$string);"
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+1 for max width. –  pilcrow Jun 22 '11 at 20:19
printf('%04s', substr($_, 0, 4));
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