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Suppose i have a table with columns: Approved, Joining_Date, Period.

Approve-String, Joining_Date-DateTime, Period-Integer. Now I want to update the Approved column value to yes if the difference between today's date and the Joining_Date column is greater than Period column. How can this be accomplished in a single query? Something like:

"UPDATE table_name SET Approved='Yes' WHERE (SYSDATE-Joining_Date>Period)"

I am using ASP.NET 4 and MS-SQL 2008 Express in VS 2010. Thanks in advance!!!

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Period is in days. – Jayesh Jun 22 '11 at 20:09
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Assuming Period is in days:

UPDATE table_name SET Approved='Yes' 
WHERE DATEDIFF(DAY,Joining_Date, GETDATE()) > Period
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Check out DATEDIFF:

UPDATE table_name
SET Approved='Yes'
WHERE DATEDIFF(dd, Joining_Date, GETDATE()) > Period
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 UPDATE table_name set Approved = 'Yes' 
 WHERE DateDiff(dd, JoiningDate, getdate()) > Period

Assumes Period is stored as integer number of days.

See for other examples if Period is not days.

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