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This may seem straightforward but for some reason my emulator won't simulate any of the MotionEvent events taken from this example. I can use the mouse arrow to click on any button in the emulator but I can't see how I can emulate touching the screen.

I know the emulator does not support multi-touch but what about single-touch? I checked the manifest file and the "min SDK version" is 3 and the "target SDK version" is 9. No exceptions are displayed in the console window. Do I need to enable it somehow?

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I'll just provide the answer before someout points out my stupidity - I forgot to set the the text from the StringBuilder on the TextView. Had I checked the LogCat window I would see all the events being logged as expected. –  Stig Jun 25 '11 at 11:42

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A perfect example of how not to do it - answer is in the comments

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