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I'm trying to create an intranet template site with mvc 3 which allows windows authenticated users to login and view the site, and unauthenticated users to of the site, but less of it.

My question is similar to this one: Using Windows Authentication with ASP.NET MVC I've tried the solution, my web.config file is set to windows authentication. I'm using Authorize attributes when necessary, but the problem seems even when I have no Authorize attributes unauthenticated (public) users cannot view the page the controller serves.

The answer on that post suggests, but to no avail.

Any controllers without an [Authorize] attribute should be open to the public automatically. So, only put your attribute on the controllers you want to lock down.

Perhaps because I'm using MVC 3, and not MVC 2 I may be getting different results, but I cannot find an answer.

This links may also be helpful:

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You need to change the settings for IIS to allow anonymous access rather than changing anything in your controller.

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Didn't work for me, but I figured a way around it. We just created a dummy user with a simple password. I don't want to fiddle with it anymore. Thanks though. – somethingnew Jun 27 '11 at 15:10

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