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Using the Amazon Product Advertising API I am searching for 2 different UPCs:

 // prepare the first ItemSearchRequest
 // prepare a second ItemSearchRequest
 ItemSearchRequest request1 = new ItemSearchRequest();
 request1.SearchIndex = "All";
 //request1.Keywords = table.Rows[i].ItemArray[0].ToString();
 request1.ItemPage = "1";
 request1.ResponseGroup = new string[] { "OfferSummary" };

 ItemSearchRequest request2 = new ItemSearchRequest();
 request2.SearchIndex = "All";
 //request2.Keywords = table.Rows[i+1].ItemArray[0].ToString();
 request2.Keywords = "9120031340300";
 request2.ItemPage = "1";
 request2.ResponseGroup = new string[] { "OfferSummary" };

 // batch the two requests together
 ItemSearch itemSearch = new ItemSearch();
 itemSearch.Request = new ItemSearchRequest[] { request1,request2 };
 itemSearch.AWSAccessKeyId = accessKeyId;

 // issue the ItemSearch request
 ItemSearchResponse response = client.ItemSearch(itemSearch);

 foreach (var item in response.Items[0].Item)

 foreach (var item in response.Items[1].Item)


Is it possible to combine these two separate requests into one request and just have the first request return 2 items by setting keywords = "9120031340256 and 9120031340270"

Does anyone know how to do this? I need to specifically search the UPC, is this the proper way to do this?

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From looking at the API docs I think you may want to use an ItemLookup if you want to get results for multiple UPCs.

ItemLookup itemLookup = new ItemLookup(){
    AssociateTag = "myaffiliatetag-20"
itemLookup.AWSAccessKeyId = MY_AWS_ID;

ItemLookupRequest itemLookupRequest = new ItemLookupRequest();
itemLookupRequest.IdTypeSpecified = true;
itemLookupRequest.IdType = ItemLookupRequestIdType.UPC;
itemLookupRequest.ItemId = new String[] { "9120031340300", "9120031340270" };
itemLookupRequest.ResponseGroup = new String[] { "OfferSummary" };
itemLookup.Request = new ItemLookupRequest[] { itemLookupRequest };

ItemLookupResponse response = client.ItemLookup(itemLookup);
foreach(var item in response.Items[0])
  //Do something...

That being said, if you are not working with lookups by some ID (UPC, ASIN, etc) your original code of doing batched keyword searches appears to be only way to make multiple keyword searches in a single request (that I could find..). If doing keyword searches you could always make a ItemSearchRequest generator method to cut down on duplicate code when creating multiples.

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thank you but this is not working for me. for some reason perhaps we are signing the request incorrectly? –  Yuck Jun 23 '11 at 14:59
I would post more details about any error you are getting with either method. –  bronsoja Jun 24 '11 at 0:38
this is a great article if you're having trouble signing (which is now required) : flyingpies.wordpress.com/2009/08/01/17 - you'll need to download the sample project –  Simon_Weaver Oct 21 '11 at 2:32

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