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To reproduce:
Right click on a folder of queries in Team Explorer and select COPY.
Right click on servername and select Connect to Team Project.
Connect to project in different collection
In query section of the 2nd project right click on query folder.

Paste option is dimmed out.

However if I reconnect to the original project in the 1st collection paste is not dimmed.

Is there any way to copy Queries between collections, preferably in blocks?

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I don't think it can done in a graphical way.
But if you have the WIQL-equivalent of the query, it's transportable/executable - possibly with minor adaptations.
So if you have a custom tool that executes the query, it could be used between different TFS Collections.

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I was able to copy queries btwn collections as follows. Connected to old collection and project. Open query for edit Save as in file (.wiq format) Opened .wiq file in text editor Replaced occurrences of old collection name with new collection name. Replaced occurrences of old project name with new project name In my case the old project had fields that did not exist in the new project, so deleted references to non-existent fields using text editor. Opened new collection and project. Opened edited .wiq file Saved query in server. Repeat for each query to be copied. –  JonN Jun 24 '11 at 16:31

VS 2013, I right clicked on My Queries (selected all of them), copied them, then went to another instance of VS opened to a different project, right clicked on My Queries and pasted them into that project.

Then modified anything specific to the original project.

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This works great! Thanks! –  Josh M. Apr 21 at 15:14

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