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I'm running Vim 7.2 on Windows 7, and I'm having issues mapping control sequences in insert mode.

I can use :inoremap jl <Esc> while inside vim, and, as expected, typing jl while in insert mode will cause vim to go to normal mode. However, if I put inoremap jl <Esc> in my _vimrc, then type jl inside vim in insert mode, it actually types out <Esc>, which is not what I wanted. I've tried variations with backslashes and whatnot, but those just get typed out too.

How can I set up my _vimrc to exit to normal mode when I type jl in insert or visual mode?

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It worked for me... inoremap jl <Esc> in _vimrc makes it exit insert mode by typing jl. Using a gVim 7.2 (2008 Arg 9, compiled Feb 26 2010 12:56:39), MS-Windows 64-bit GUI version with OLE support. – Merlyn Morgan-Graham Jun 23 '11 at 1:12
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You should either be in nocompatible mode for <Key> to work, or explicitely specify <special>:

inoremap <special> jl <Esc>


set nocompatible " At the very top of vimrc, before any other option
inoremap jl <Esc>
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Thanks, that was part of the problem. Some of the stuff in the "default" _vimrc was causing issues too. – bfops Jun 23 '11 at 14:25

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