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I have the following Backbone Collection. My problem is when I do car.get("brand"), I get undefined.

The brand attribute is there. I know because when I do console.log(car), I can see it. It's as if the .get property doesn't exist on the car object. But that is impossible because I place my Car Model script, before my Cars Collection script.

So isDupe is failing as a result. Not even sure if this.any is being called. But 100% .get is not there! Help!

var Cars = Backbone.Collection.extend({
model: Car,
add: function(object) {
        var car = new Car(object);

        var isDupe = false;

        isDupe = this.any(function(_car) { 
            return _car.get("brand") === car.get("brand");

        console.log("isDupe: " + isDupe);

        if (isDupe) {
            return false;

        Backbone.Collection.prototype.add.call(this, car);
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My version of this would look something similar to this:

Car = Backbone.Model.extend({

  eql: function(other) {
    return this.get('brand') == other.get('brand');


CarList = Backbone.Collection.extend({

  model: Car,

  add: function(newCar) {
     isDupe = this.any(function(car) {
       return car.eql(newCar);
     if (isDupe) return;
     Backbone.Collection.prototype.add.call(this, newCar);

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I want to say thank you for all your help here. I'm 2 levels deep in asynchronous calls and I think things just don't work as expected that far down. I'll re-evaluate this during a level 1 workflow. –  Lucas Michaels Jun 23 '11 at 23:12
Two levels deep in asynch seems a bad app architecture smell to me. I work on a team building a pretty sizable app and we are never two levels deep. –  Bill Eisenhauer Jun 24 '11 at 0:22
Unfortunately, I don't control the returning json data. The 2nd async call depends on data returned in the 1st. Any suggestions? –  Lucas Michaels Jun 24 '11 at 2:26

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