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I used to have the environment optimized for c# but recently I have been doing a mostly c++ work. So after a format, I selected c++ instead. Once in a while I still do some c#/xna stuff so I installed xna as well. Problem is that visual studio does not behave anything like I remember it behaving when I had the environment optimized for c#. The run button no longer compiles the solution. Hell, compiling the solution does nearly nothing... I need to recompile for my changes to take effect. What the hell?

I have tried Tools > Import and Export Settings > Reset all settings, reinstalling xna and visual studio and still the F5 does not compile.

edit: Turns out that the projects were set to not compile under the configuration options. I never set this though. I found a forum with several people who had the same issue:

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I'm also facing the same issue. –  Rohit May 18 '12 at 7:19

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If you have a number of configurations, it's possible that the currently selected configuration doesn't have the project (you want to auto-build) in it.

For example.

The default configurations are DEBUG and RELEASE and all the projects (in the solution) are ticked against this.

But if you've manually un-ticked a project against one of these configurations OR you've manually added a new project and then un-ticked that project in the configuration .. Visual Studio won't compile those un-ticked projects.

So double check your configuration. (Right Click on the Solution name => Configuration Manager).

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I hope this will fix your problem: Start debugging F5 does not build automatically, Visual Studio.

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In my case the suggestions in the other answers did not work. However, checking the Configuration Manager I found the project was not set to build. Ticking Build in the Configuration Manager for the project did the trick for me. I would suggest checking the project in the Configuration Manager as a first step. EDIT: Whoops, didn't read Pure Krome's answer properly - same answer as this one. –  Simon Tewsi Nov 6 '12 at 21:49

First check what should happen when you run a project. To do this, open Tools > Options, Projects and Solutions, Build and Run, and check that you have selected for the On Run, when projects are out of date option:

enter image description here

Make sure you have selected Always Build...

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To change you settings:

  1. Tools -> Import and Export Settings
  2. Choose: Import selected environment settings
  3. Save you settings if you want
  4. You are then presented with a set of default settings to choose from (General, C++, C#)
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I already tried this, you did not read my question. –  zelimir Jun 23 '11 at 2:47
He did, that was the problem. –  Hans Passant Jun 23 '11 at 18:28

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