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As we all know, how to use google map with system/framework/map.jar with user-library.
But I encounter one problem, if the device doesn't have system/framework/map.jar in it's system, you application will do not work. So I want to put map.jar to our project as a reference jar, does this work? I have try it and remove user-libray line in manifest.xml.
but got exception: android java.lang.RuntimeException: stub
does anyone know how to workaround?

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I use the map.jar in sdkLocation\add-ons\google_apis-7_r01\libs\map.jar. and I use java decompile to see class source, found it all throw runtimeException("stub"); So I get map.jar for /system/framework/map.jar and get its classes.dex, decompile it and get map.jar and use it in my project. it throws exception dex error. –  landry Jun 24 '11 at 2:45

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Now I use "uses-library android:name="com.google.android.maps" android:required="false" " then when I need googlemap, I check if our system contains this component, if contains, use it. if no, don't use.

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