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Has anyone ever done omniture tagging with the jcycle plug-in? What I need to do is have the onmiture tags know what item was clicked without having a page refresh. So, if you were using the jcycle plugin, and you have a pager parameter, the omniture tag would need to know what page you visited, but still keep the jcycle horizontal scroll feature and no page refresh. Hopefully this makes sense. I don't think this is possible, but just wondering.

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While I haven't used this plugin, I can tell you that with Omniture Sitecatalyst there are are various ways of adding tracking behaviours to javascript events/actions. e.g. add a function like the ones below to an onclick event.

The first function (lead) is an example of one that sets various variables/events on a click (but doesn't issue a new pageview).

The second function (pageview) implements a "virtual pageview" which will imitatate travelling through different pages as one clicks on things (even though there isn't an actual page load in reality).

function lead(type) {
    var s=s_gi(s_account);

function pageview(pagename) {
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