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I am developing an app which will have certain features locked in free version.

I want the users to be able to make in-app purchase and unlock those features.

Is there any good tutorial which shows (along with code) how to do that?


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Hi i would STRONGLY suggest you to have a look at this

link. This tutorial proved to be really helpful to me when inApp purchase seemed to be Greek and Latin to me.



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This link will give you the idea of In-App purchase. Hope it helps. Another sample tutorial on In-app purchase

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For in-App Purchase you have two options to go through

1) in-App Purchase via Apple See the below links

For testing the in App Purchase, see the iTunesConnect_ProgrammingGuide document from Apple.

2) in-App Purchase via UrbanAirship

Visit the link, you can also find good sample code that easily help to integrate in-app purchase in your application.

For unlocking functionality, you should set value in NSUserDefaults once you download the product, Depending on value in NSUserDefaults, you can access it and check weather to unlock the feature depending on NSUserDefaults value.

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