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I want to build my own list of the most 'liked' pages on Facebook. FB itself appears to do a version of this, at least for each letter of the alphabet. Each directory page, such as lists the top 20 most liked pages starting with that letter.

If I knew the IDs of every FB page then I could easily grab its like count using the graph API, but I don't know of a way to get that initial list. I'm sure it's huge, and honestly, I really would rather just have the top 20% or so of all pages. But if I had them all I could do the sorting myself.

I've searched the FB dev forums and looked through their docs but can't find a way. Queries using FQL don't appear to take wildcards either.

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In FQL, you can search the page table by name. This doesn't allow wildcard searches though. Using the graph api, you can perform page searches using this url: (You would want to future proof this by adding an access_token parameter to the end). A third option would by to use search engines to search for Facebook pages. Finally, you could scrape and parse the Facebook page browser by using this url.

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So which solution did you use to get the top 20%? I have a similar issue and i'm not sure which solution is best. – GTDev Dec 12 '11 at 23:06

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