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com.sec.android.app.screencapture - this is the android's screencapture service which (meant to) activate when you hit power + home button (in a Galaxy S2 at least).

I'm after the source code to see how does the service hooks to keyevents as I'm trying to add/change behaviour to the volume keys (that is, when being held it will do a media_next or media_previous).

So does anyone know where this is? Or maybe how it achieves the activation via the combination button presses?

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I don't think the source for that one is available, at least it isn't in the http://android.git.kernel.org repo. If you have access to the apk you can try to extract the source code from that.

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Yeah, that is a samsung's app. But they've released the source code for the particular phone, although after downloading it I still don't see the app anywhere in it. opensource.samsung.com/reception/… –  neo_hito Jul 15 '11 at 1:55

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