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// This function get the search results from Solr server 
        var query=getquerystring() ; //get the query string entered by user
        // get the JSON response from solr server 
        var newquery=query;

                url: ""+query+"&spellcheck=true&json.wrf=?",
                dataType: 'json',
                success: function(newresult){
                    var html="<table><tr>"
                    var count=0;
                    var alt="NoImage";
                    var size="3pt";
                    var id;
                    var flag=1; // Flag for error messages 
                    var n=newresult.response.numFound
                    var uid=new Array(n);

                    // If no search results
                     var msg= "<hr /><font size="+size+" >We're sorry, we found no results for <b>"+document.getElementById("queryString").value+"</font><hr />";

                /*  var msg= "<hr /><font size="+size+" >Total Results Found <b>  "+ result.response.numFound+"</b> for "+"<b>"+document.getElementById("queryString").value+"</b> keyword</font><hr /> ";*/
                // Parse solr response and display it on web page
                        $.each(, function(i,item){

                        $.each(newresult.highlighting, function(i,item1){


 // get the query string entered by user 
    function getquerystring() {
        var query=document.getElementById("queryString").value;
        //qstr = escape(query);
        return  query;

in this uid[] which gets the value in

$.each(, function(i,item){


i want to access this uid[] in next loop

$.each(newresult.highlighting, function(i,item1){


but uid[] is not visible in 2nd each() loop, the alert shows undefined here. why is so?? what i need to do to make uid[] visible in 2nd loop.

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One test to be sure that the problem lies somewhere else:

1)are you sure that item.UID_PK contains something?To be sure do this:

$.each(, function(i,item){



Moreover what are you iterating on?is item an Object?

EDIT - looking at what your json is the problem is that in you second each you are iterating over an object and so your index (i) is a property. (in your case i is equal to 8252 and 8142) so you are accessing uid[8152] and uid[8142].

i'd do something like this:

var uid;
$.each(, function(i,item){
                      $.each(uid, function(l, desc){


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look at the fiddle:

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Nicola Peluchetti: yes i am very sure item.UID_PK contains data. i have already checked it. and yes item is an object – Romi Jun 23 '11 at 7:18
Nicola Peluchetti: for the corresponding json check my question at… – Romi Jun 23 '11 at 7:19
When an answer satisfy you just accept it. I edited my answer, look if it helps – Nicola Peluchetti Jun 23 '11 at 7:45

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