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I am trying to hide an input button hide when the specific URL product_catalog.php?c=12 is loaded.

Here is my button code in product_catalog.php:

echo "<INPUT type=\"text\" name=\"qty\" size=2 value=\"1\" class=\"text-pc\"><span class=\"small2\">kpl</span>&nbsp;";
echo "<INPUT type=\"submit\" name=\"add\" value=\"&nbsp;\" id=\"lisaa\" class=\"add-to-basket\">";

How do I hide it if the user is browsing product_catalog.php?c=12?

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Use a simple if statement to check if $_GET['c'] is not equal to 12:

if($_GET['c'] != '12') {
  // put your echo statements here.

Note that this is a fairly simple question about a base control structure of PHP. You might want to learn more about control structures by reading the PHP Manual before continuing with your project.

Concepts touched in this answer:

PHP Manual: Control Structures
PHP Manual: if
PHP Manual: Superglobals

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Hi Andrew. Great this work to me. –  vj_andrei Jun 30 '11 at 8:16

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