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In Model, I am using "find_or_initialize" to save an record. I assume that this function will search the record in the database, if it found then no action and if did not find then save the record. Am I correct or not ?

But, confusion : If the record is already exists, and one of the field get updated then will this function update the record or not ?

Is there any other method to resolve it ?

Please suggest me to resolve this issue... Thanks

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find_or_initialize_by_... won't ever save the record it will only instantiate a new object with the provided parameters set.

If you want the record to be saved automatically (if it's not found) then you should be using find_or_create_by_... instead.

In either case, any changes you make to the object will have to be followed by a save if you want them saved to the database. Neither of these methods will save anything you do after it's called.

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Thnx for the response. Is there any way to update by same function. Like find_or_initialize_or_update something ? –  Rubyist Jun 23 '11 at 8:53
I don't think so. How would you even want it to work? Would you have one set of parameters for finding and the other for updating? That could make sense for a find_or_create_or_update_by method I suppose but it's not something that's supported out of the box in Rails. –  aNoble Jun 23 '11 at 15:51

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