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I using this library for printing, and I am using Ubuntu.

My code is the following:

FilePort port=new FilePort("\\\\printerIp:631\\printers\\Hewlett-Packard-HP-LaserJet-Professional-P1606dn");
TextPrinter printer=PrinterFactory.getPrinter("HP-PCL5");

However I am not able to print. When I use

FilePort port=new FilePort("\home\hi.txt")

the text is getting printed in hi.txt file.

I tried \dev\lpr but it is giving me error

com.java4less.textprinter.exceptions.CouldNotOpenPrinterException: /dev/lpr (Permission denied)
FilePort port=new FilePort("\dev\lpr");

Here is my full source code

try {

    FilePort port = new FilePort("\\\\\\printers\\Hewlett-Packard-HP-LaserJet-Professional-P1606dn");
    // get printer supporting HP-PCL command set
    TextPrinter printer = PrinterFactory.getPrinter("HP-PCL5");

    // create printing job
    JobProperties job = printer.getDefaultJobProperties();
    job.landscape = true;
    printer.startJob(port, job);

    // print BOLD text
    TextProperties prop = printer.getDefaultTextProperties();
    prop.bold = true;
    printer.printString("This must be BOLD", prop);
    printer.printString("Hello world..", prop);
    // print line
    printer.printHorizontalLine(5,0,80);            // row 5, column 0 to 80


} catch (Exception e) {

Please help me.

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you need to edit some permissions first, try this

edit the file in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf

search for lpadmin and change it to lp

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