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I am trying to add the facebook connect to an existing site in rails 3 that uses authlogic. so that existing users can sign in via their facebook account (I'll find existing account via email id in facebook ) and new users can sign up using facebook too.

I am trying to use authlogic connect ( I found other alternative like omniauth , facebooker2 etc , omniauth plays well with devise but I dont want to move to devise & it seems only authlogic connect plays well with authlogic and rails3 )

But I am unable to find some proper tutorial where I could understand how to use it.

I looked at their project site :

I used the little help on their site and tried to do a little. Now when the facebook login button is clicked it goes to facebook page asks for all the permission and then it comes back to a url with code as a paramater. what do I do with the code param ?

Can someone suggest me a proper tutorial (not example) for using the authlogic connect

Thank you

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I really gave up on authlogic connect. Though it seems its the best solution, It integrates so much iwht the authlogic that I am unable to customize it.

I finally got omniauth working with authlogic , though a lot of things were manually done

railcasts simple omniauth authentication helped a lot,

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