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I'm working with LiftWeb, XML and the bind method.

This works:

scala> val id = "test"                    
id: java.lang.String = test

scala> <a href={id}>link</a>              
res4: scala.xml.Elem = <a href="test">link</a>

but what if I want <a href="page?param=test">link</a>?

This doesn't work:

scala> <a href="page?param={id}">link</a>   
res5: scala.xml.Elem = <a href="page?param={id}">link</a>
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You put the whole thing inside the brackets:

<a href={ "page?param=" + id }>link</a>
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ah, of course. Thanks. –  aioobe Jun 23 '11 at 9:27
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