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I set a template and my default template is 2 columns and i have a page that i want to have a 1 column. How can I make that in wordpress? is it a code for the functions.php?

Please suggest and thanks in advance.

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The wordpress codex is really extensive and helpful, especially for templates. This might be useful: – Justus Romijn Jun 23 '11 at 9:49

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You have different options and you could choose the one you prefer :)

  1. If your theme already supports a one-column page you should have on the right side of your edit page screen a box "Page attributes" with a select box named "Templates" when you could choose a different template (in default Wordpress theme "TwentyTen" is it called "One column, no sidebar").

  2. If your theme doesn't support a one-column page you could create a custom page template by yourself:

    • copy and rename "page.php" that you could find inside your theme
    • in the top comments add this line: * Template Name: The name you want for your template
    • at the bottom of page.php remove the line <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
    • now you should have the new template in the side panel "Page attributes".
  3. If you don't like the "new template + select box" way you could directly add a "IF" on your "page.php" to comment-out the get_sidebar() when needed, based on $post->ID or similar checks.

After this probably you'll have to edit your .css (adjusting width) and new-page.php (like adding a class "one-column" to the div container) to fit the dimensions.

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Thanks bro. You gave me a brilliant idea. thanks much. – Jorge Jun 24 '11 at 8:27

Go to the edit page area of the page you want to have single column. Under templates (in the right hand side bar) look for "single column" or "full width" page.

90% of themes have this. If yours does not, you would have to take page.php, download it. Duplicate it and rename it to fullwidth-page.php and reupload. Make sure the comment area at the top is right according to the "page template codex" in Then, delete out wehre it calls the sidebar() code. Add a bit more inline CSS to the main content area to make the inline style width the full width then.

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