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For some reason my action link behavior sends users to a strange place.

I have two classes: locations and properties.

From the locations view I want a link that leads the users to browse properties in that location:

@Html.ActionLink( "Browse", "Browse", "Property", new { id=item.ID } )

So I would like the HTML link and the method to have the same name: "browse".

Instead of having it in the current controller/view I want to send the ID to the properties controller. Notice the word "Location" does not appear in the line above.

But the URL ends up:


I want it to end up like this:


The API in MVC 3 appears to be:

ActionLink( "text to display as HTML link", "action name", "controller", "parameters" )

Which seems to be how I did it, but I get unexpected results.

What am I doing wrong?

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There is no method signiture ActionLink(HtmlHelper, String, String, String, Object).

It is using the ActionLink(HtmlHelper, String, String, Object, Object) which has the following parameter names:

htmlHelper, linkText, actionName, routeValues, htmlAttributes

Use this method instead:

@Html.ActionLink( "Browse", "Browse", "Property", new { id=item.ID }, null)

which has the following parameter names:

htmlHelper, linkText, actionName, controllerName, routeValues, htmlAttributes

See the full list of overloads

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You'd think with intellisense I would have noticed that fifth parameter. Thanks. –  micahhoover Jun 23 '11 at 16:05

You have to add null to the end of your Html.ActionLink parameter, otherwise this length=8 will always try to make you crazy.

@Html.ActionLink("Browse", "Browse", "Property", new { id = item.ID }, null)
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