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I have two Hyper Links on to a DOJO DIv

var create = dojo.create("div",{
            innerHTML:"<a class='popupLink' href='javascript:openCreateDialog()'>Create </a> <span>|</span><a  href='javascript:openUploadDialog()'>Batch </a>"

On click of the Batch Hyperlink , i have a function

function openUploadDialog()

// Here i want to disable the Create Hyper Link  tried this way
dojo.byId('create_links')[1].disabled=true; // Not working 

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See whether i can answer your question.

HTML Part:

<div id="create_links">
<a href="#">g</a>
<a href="http://www.google.com">h</a>

JS Part:

   dojo.addOnLoad(function() {
    var a = dojo.query("#create_links a")[1];
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@Kiran, you are treating the return of dojo.byId('create_links') like an array when that statement will return to you a node on the dom.

Also, hyperlinks don't support a disabled attribute to prevent them from being actionable. You could probably create a click handler that returns false to accomplish this type of functionality, or like @rajkamal mentioned, calling e.preventDefault(). @rajkamal also provides a good solution to selection the link properly.

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