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About 5 years ago I used a asp.net control to show an image in the corner of every page of a site (it was a beta sticker for a new version).

I'm keen to do this again (for the internal, pre-live version of sites) - however I don't want to alter the content of the site code to do this - definitely no jQuery on every page or anything.

Does anyone know/remember how this was done. I seem to remember just adding either a module or, more likely, a configSection entry to load something. This was nice because you can just enable it for certain sites (your test, prelive etc) without worrying it's going to carry over to live.

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Are you looking at something like this? Or a way to automatically render content from web.config? Sounds like the latter, but just in case... :) –  Town Jun 23 '11 at 8:18
Hi, no it is the latter. As I remember it, a single added DLL reference and a web.config key with the image url was enough to overlay a nice image in the top corner of every page automatically. Ideal for Test/PreLive/Beta site instances... –  Tom Morgan Jun 23 '11 at 9:43

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This post discusses using Http Modules & Response Filters to alter the output of a page

You could search for an empty div in the output and write something to that.


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See: Can i add a footer to multiple .net applications?

Juts add a filter module.

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