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I am using jQuery treeview plugin and the following is the example code for adding branches to the tree.

var newLi =  jQuery(strListString).appendTo(objParentULjQuery);
jQuery(objParentULjQuery).treeview({add: newLi});

After adding the new node it should be selected. How it is possible?

After that I need to expand/collapse to the newly added node. How can I do that?

// binding onclick event

$(objParentLI).find("div.hitarea").live("click",function() {

               //under li class to be chaged to expandable/collapsable according to the node event
               //under li div class to be changed to "hitarea expandable-hitarea" or collapsable collapsable-hitarea
               //under li span the style should be display:none;


                    $(objNew).removeClass('collapsable-hitarea').addClass('hitarea expandable-hitarea');
                    $(newLi).css("display", "none");                         
               else if($(objParentLI).hasClass('expandable'))

                    $(objNew).removeClass('expandable-hitarea').addClass('hitarea collapsable-hitarea');
                    $(newLi).css("display", "block"); 

Please support me in this issue and let me know any questions.

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which jQuery treeview plugin are you using? – Caspar Jun 23 '11 at 8:58

Probably the easiest thing to do is:


After the line that adds it to the tree view. Not sure what you mean by selected.

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i need to select that node once the node is created – user562494 Jun 23 '11 at 9:35

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