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I am adding to my jqgrid with below code all except cfgname and updateDate gets displayed into my grid, what is the problem here?

function addRow(cfgid,cfgname,hostname,cfgDesc,productId,cfgType,updateDate,emailAddress,absolutePath)
console.info(cfgid+", "+cfgname+", "+hostname+", "+cfgDesc+", "+productId+", "+cfgType+", "+updateDate+", "+emailAddress+", "+absolutePath);
var myrow = {cfgid:cfgid, '':'', cfgname:cfgname, hostname:hostname, cfgDesc:cfgDesc, productId:productId,hostname:hostname,cfgType:cfgType,emailAddress:emailAddress,absolutePath:absolutePath};
$("#list1").addRowData("1", myrow);

var grid = jQuery("#list1");


              datastr : xml,
              datatype: 'xmlstring',
              colNames:['cfgId','','Name', 'Host', 'Description','Product', 'Type', 'Last Updated Time','Last Updated By',''],
                  {name:'cfgId',index:'cfgId', width:90, align:"right", hidden:true},
                  {name:'',index:'', width:15, align:"right",edittype:'checkbox',formatter: "checkbox",editoptions: { value:"True:False"},editable:true,formatoptions: {disabled : false}},
                  {name:'cfgName',index:'cfgName', width:90, align:"right"},
                  {name:'hostname',index:'hostname', width:90, align:"right"},
                  {name:'cfgDesc',index:'cfgDesc', width:90, align:"right"},
                  {name:'productId',index:'productId', width:60, align:"right"},
                  {name:'cfgType',index:'cfgType', width:60, align:"right"},
                  {name:'updateDate',index:'updateDate', width:120, align:"right"},
                  {name:'emailAddress',index:'emailAddress', width:120, align:"right"},
                  {name:'absolutePath',index:'absolutePath', width:90, align:"right", hidden:true},
              pager : '#gridpager',
              height: 'auto',

              viewrecords: true,
              gridview: true,
              xmlReader: {
                  root : "list",
                  row: "com\\.abc\\.db\\.ConfigInfo",
                  userdata: "userdata",
                  repeatitems: false
              onSelectRow: function(id,status){
                  var rowData = jQuery(this).getRowData(id); 
                  configid = rowData['cfgId'];




Here is a snapshot

enter image description here

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There are some errors in your code.

The first error: as you fill myrow = {...} you set cfgname:cfgname instead of cfgName:cfgname (your column in the grid has name:'cfgName' property and not name:'cfgname')

The second error: you display only the updateDate with respect of console.info, but don't set the property updateDate:updateDate of the myrow.

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Thanks, that was so silly of me. Also I'd like the added row to appear as the 1st row, how can i do that? is there a way like setting row, or i have to sort it based on updateDate? Also if i have to sort, how can i sort on this date? –  Ricky Jun 23 '11 at 11:16
@Ricky: You are welcome! The method addRowData which you use can be used with more as two parameters. The third parameter defines the position of the added row. In your case you can use 'first' string. Other possible values: 'last' (the default value), 'after' and 'before'. In case of the usage of one of the two last values you should define the 4-th parameter of addRowData with the id of the row before/after which you want to add new row. –  Oleg Jun 23 '11 at 11:28
I tried $("#list1").addRowData("1", myrow,"first"); but it still adds at the end –  Ricky Jun 23 '11 at 11:34
And when i click on the newly added row, the 1st row gets selected –  Ricky Jun 23 '11 at 11:44

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