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I have a small plugin for setting the height of an element, based on several variable factors. On the page load, I wanted a delay in order to prevent the height from being set for a number of seconds. I know delay only works on effects, is there a way I can register my plugin as an effect, or do I need to do this another way?

Desire launch code:


Plugin Code:

       //SetHeight plugin
            set_height: function(time, callback){
                    scroll = $(window).scrollTop();

                    win_height = $(window).height();
                    document_height = $(document).height();

                    footer_height = $('#footer').height();
                    footer_offset = (document_height-(win_height+scroll));
                    footer_remainder = footer_height-footer_offset;

                return this.each(function(){
                    var x = $(this);

                        height = 0;
                    } else {
                        height = footer_height-footer_offset;
                    $(x).stop(true, false).animate({bottom: height}, time, function(){
                        if (callback && typeof callback == 'function') { // make sure the callback is a function
                      ; // brings the scope to the callback


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You would need to invoke jQuerys .queue() manually. Could look like;

$(".app_advert").delay(10000).queue(function() {

You can even chain more queued methods on that construct behind. Beware, all fx methods are queued by default for any other method you want to apply to the current wrapped set, invoke another .queue().

Have a read:

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could I add this into my plugin code? If so, any pointers on how – Mild Fuzz Jun 23 '11 at 9:54
@MildFuzz: yes of course you can. Just put it in there just like that. – jAndy Jun 23 '11 at 9:55
I just wrapped the queue method around the animation in my plugin, and the delay (which is triggered externally) seems to work just fine. Thanks!! – Mild Fuzz Jun 23 '11 at 10:28

how about using setTimeout inside your plugin. Or even better write your own delay plugin using setTimeout using a dummy method, so that you can chain your events.

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