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New to Javascript, really need some help!

Now I have an image in a HTML page, like this:

<a class="p" href="http://www.abc.com"><img src="http://www.abc.com/logo.jpg" alt="" /></a>

And get the image element by:

var e.document.elementFromPoint(x,y);

When I clicked on the image, I can get the src attribute or offset attributes successfully by:

e.src or e.offsetHeight

However, it returns NULL when I use:

return e.href;

So how can I get the correct href attribute (http://www.abc.com) ??



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The href is not a propery of the image but of the A element.

You can acces it by using the .parentNode propery of the image. as it is its direct parent.

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You can get the parent node of the img, which is the a using parentNode:

return e.parentNode.href;
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Great!! It works, thank. –  PeakJi Jun 23 '11 at 10:06

The href atrribute is only available on a and link elements. So you just need to get the parent node of the image:

var thea=e.parentNode;
if(thea.nodeName.toLowerCase()=="a"){ //If the tag is a hyperlink
    return thea.href;
    return ""; //Return an empty string if the image is not inside a hyperlink


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