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I'm looking for some performance test results for -finstrument-functions.

I'm considering to use it as a profiling tool and therefore I need to know if the overhead isn't too high (so it doesn't mangle the results).

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If you want to make the code faster, consider this method. Instrumenting functions is a popular but not very good way to do it. – Mike Dunlavey Jun 23 '11 at 12:53
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The overhead is the 2 additional calls to instrumenting functions for each user function call.

It is just 3-5 * 2 asm instructions. Also, The instrumenting functions themselves


will consume time. But if you will to use plain -finstrument-functions, the code of cyg_profile functions is yours.

Even if function is inlined, the __cyg_profile* is still called. So, estimate the number of functions calls in target application and multiply to 40-100 cpu ticks of overhead for each call.

You may be interested in sampling profilers, like oprofile or linux kernel perf.

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