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I am looking for advice on a good AI algorithm to play the helicopter flash game, currently my algorithm can find the location of the helicopter and the obstacle on screen as shown highlighted in this image:


I want to take an AI approach on how to play this game not just some reflex based agent, but I don't know of any good approach to solve this problem, can anyone suggest a good approach on how to solve this?

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If the obstacles are rare, you don't even need any complicated strategy; just move towards the center when you don't have to move away from it. Based on the screenshot of the flash game though, a "reflex-based agent" is probably all that is necessary.

If the obstacles are many, all you need to do is do a search of the following tree: At each node in the tree, generate ~3-5 spread-out positions you can get to in ~0.5sec (depending on how fast it's scrolling), ignoring positions that get you killed immediately. Pick the best "strategy path" down the tree that keeps you alive, close to the center.

Also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_planning#Algorithms

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