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I'm starting a web application that interacts with many web services. I ask you what do you think about calling these web services with javascript.

My Opinion: Vantages: - bandwidth savings (server-side) - no client-server communications (for only reading operations) - what else?

Disadvantages: - code readable - what else?

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Server side:

  • Caching is simpler
  • no need to worry about malicious JSON
  • no same-domain restrictions.
  • every request has more network latency

Client side:

  • fewer application layers
  • doesn't introduce more network latency when accessing the api
  • requires client-side templating, or sending data back to the backend
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Are these services going to exist on different domains? If so, you will have to deal with cross domain AJAX calls; The services you interact with will have to support something like JSONP or CORS, the latter of which is fairly new and only supported by modern browsers.

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yes, they exist on different domains but all these services support JSONP. –  raid3n Jun 23 '11 at 10:28

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