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I want to handle click event on an iframe with a handler that gets the iframe’s id as parameter.

I’m able to add an onClick event handler via JavaScript as follows and it works fine:

iframe.document.addEventListener('click', clic, false);

But in this case I’m unable to pass a parameter to clic(). I tried to print this.id in clic() but no result.

onClick HTML attribute does not work at all, the handler is not called.

<script type="text/javascript">
function def() {
    myFrame.document.designMode = 'on';
function clic(id) {
<body onLoad="def()">
<iframe id="myFrame" border="0" onClick="clic(this.id)"></iframe>
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You can use closures to pass parameters:

iframe.document.addEventListener('click', function(event) {clic(this.id);}, false);

However, I recommend that you use a better approach to access your frame (I can only assume that you are using the DOM0 way of accessing frame windows by their name - something that is only kept around for backwards compatibility):

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thanks wladimir....u solved half of my prblm...but still this.id is nt working. if i pass "hello world" then it gets printed but for this.id it says "undefinied" in the alert box:S –  samach321 Jun 23 '11 at 11:11
Right, that's because you added the listener to the document - and the document doesn't have an ID. You probably want to add it to the <iframe> element instead, like in your first example: document.getElementById("myFrame").addEventListener(...); –  Wladimir Palant Jun 23 '11 at 11:17
Can you assign that event even when iframe is from different scope? –  Flash Thunder Oct 12 at 15:34
@FlashThunder: No, you generally cannot intercept clicks on frames from a different security context (if you could that would be a security issue). –  Wladimir Palant Oct 12 at 17:46
And if iframe is in div and div has event? That won't work? –  Flash Thunder Oct 12 at 23:21

iframe doesn't have onclick event but we can implement this by using iframe's onload event and javascript like this...

function iframeclick() {
document.getElementById("theiframe").contentWindow.document.body.onclick = function() {

<iframe id="theiframe" src="youriframe.html" style="width: 100px; height: 100px;" onload="iframeclick()"></iframe>

I hope it will helpful to you....

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it works only if the current website has the same protocol of the iframe (not working if one is http and the other one is https) –  Alessio Dec 11 at 17:03

your code (what you gave on top) is working fine. But it's working when you click exactly on the border not in side box, try once.

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