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I have a simple Sinatra application that needs some persistence storage. If possible, that database should offer some access by id, and keyword search/find options.

Considering the nature of the to-be stored items, a document-based database seems the best fit.

Obviously I have considered MongoDB and CouchDB, but all have one problem: they introduce dependencies on third party services. I don't want that.

My users should install the Sinatra app as a gem, with its dependencies, run a single command and have everything running.

I am looking for solutions that come as a gem, run under the current user and are really simple. A prepackaged mongoDB would do, too, but I cannot find such a thing. Is SQLlite my only option?

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I interpret your point to be that you some kind of embedded database, rather than a server, and he wants it packaged up in a gem (not requiring a second installer to get it in place, though you could live with something that's very likely to be in your deployment platform's base install). – Ken Bloom Jun 23 '11 at 17:51
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It sounds like you want DBM (which gives you access by id) and Ruby/odeum which gives you keyword search.

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You may want to consider either a self-standing database like SQLite and Redis (no-SQL), or an ORM like DataMapper.

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Where can I find more about Redis as self-standing database, instead of a system-wide server? – berkes Jun 24 '11 at 9:52

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